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Originating from the water jet cutting industry, the the ida of a more effective method of sanding and deburring both even and not the least uneven surfaces, was born.

More than 15 years ago Produma introduced their first equipment for manual sanding and deburring of sharp edges and burr on e.g. water jet cut parts. Since then the technique and equipment has found its application within thin steel sheet processing (primarily for punching and cutting metal sheets), deburring of sawn tubing and profiles (aluminum, brass, steel etc), sanding and polishing of wood and NC processed parts.

More than 200 systems has been sold to customer throughout the whole of Europe.

During 2017 additional steps was taken within system development, and not only metal processing but wood was introduced (sanding and polishing). Please see system P130.

During 2018 several more options of the existing system for both metal and wood has been introduced with the primary focus of increasing the working environment and health issues with effective dust extraction. This is an unique feature for the Produma equipment in its range of systems. Please see system P141.

We are further adding handheld tools based on our original technology. This applicable and requested by customers for work pieces unable to handle in a stationary machine. Now also with the effective dust extraction as standard, as for all our products.

Produma Tools

Innovative technology for deburring and sanding of uneven surfaces
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