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New auxiliary equipment for deburring

Produma AB are now able to offer a new equipment for support of deburring thin steel sheets coming from steel shears or die cut manufacture. The equipment is easily mounted on the base machine with 4 screws. Suitable for steel sheet thickness up to 5 mm. Grinding tool, grit 150 is recommended.


The advantage with the equipment is that no adjustment is necessary for different sheet metal thicknesses. The operatur may visually follow the progress and adjust the speed of which the work piece is moved sidewards. The manufacture is operator friendly with a low sound level. Adjustment for the grinding tool wear is easily done by adjustment screws. Wear per hour is negligible.

The steel sheet piece is given a slight rounded profile, completely eliminating the risk of cutting wounds. The method gives through the placement of the support versus the grinding tool no marks on the actual steel sheet. Further more steel sheets with plastic protection applied may easily and without any problems with the plastic protection.

Produma Tools

Innovative technology for deburring and sanding of uneven surfaces
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