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Deburring system 140 (metal)


System P140 is designed for deburring and polishing of components that can be hold by hands. It has been developed to provide the best possible working environment in view of low noise, minimal vibrations and dust cleaning.  To the system there are different grinding tools with perhaps  the best operating economy on the market.


Deburring of sharp edges on components cut by power shears, water jet or punched , cut aluminium profiles and pipes etc. are made easy with our proven and unique technology.

Our customers use our technology to remove sharp edges in order to improve safety during handling of components where risk of  injuries is obvious.  It is also used to round off the cut ends of profiles and components for use in the food manufacturing or healthcare.

The technology is also extremely suitable for trimming of surfaces of wood components.

  • The engine, manufactured in Europe, with a high output of 1.1 kW, 400 V, and 700 rpm.

  • The engine is covered by a 5 year guarantee.

  • The machine has an extremely low noise level due to the low speed. 

  • Electrical connection is made through a CEE-don with a no voltage circuit breaker and a phase inverter. 

  • Good working environment thanks to minimal vibration. Our technology gives no cause for “white fingers".

  • Protective cover made of steel and powder coated.

  • The system is designed for Produma’s  grinding tool type Lamell or Cylinder. Diameter vs. width of 300x150 mm. 

  • The system can be equipped with grinding tools of different grits on the resp. side or that one can for example be used for ' black ' material and the other for stainless. 

  • The system can with good result be used for robot-supported component handling for deburring of metal components (plates, tubes, profiles, etc) and trimming of curved wooden components. 

  • The grinding tool, of emery cloth, rounds off the sharp edge without affecting the component's dimensions.

  • To P140 Produma’s unique pneumatically-driven system can be connected.  Also a  numerous on the market available industrial vacuum cleaners or dust collectors (for wood) can be used. See also under ‘Dust cleaning’.

  • Our new system can be placed on a work-bench, adjustable height column or lift table. 

Optional Extras/Accessories

System P140 is available in two versions as standard.

  • Mounted on an adjustable height column for quick height adjustment and fitted with wheels, two of them lockable.

  • Separate unit for installation at work desk/surface. 

System P140 can also be converted to improve dust extraction.    ​

  • Dual fittings (diam 100 mm) for the connection of vacuum systems in the rear (useful if you want to use the P140 for machining work pieces made of wood).

Produma Tools

Innovative technology for deburring and sanding of uneven surfaces
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